Great NEW Prize Structure! Semi Annual CASH Tournament! WIN $5,000.00!!!!

We are very excited to announce the flights for our exclusive Semi Annual Tournament!  This special event is our way of rewarding our loyal players with a chance to WIN CASH & MORE SEATS IN THE WORLD SERIES OF POKER!

Here is how it works: Due to the number of seats earned we will be hosting 15 flights starting on August 20th 2011.The TOP 25 players from each of these flights will be invited to participate in the FINALS on December 3rd - 4th 2011!  We will play each of the flights all the way down to a winner.  These flights will be deep stack tournaments with 10,000 in starting chips. Starting chips in the finals will be determined as follows:

1st place in your flight = 25,000 chips
2nd place in your flight = 20,000 chips
3rd place in your flight = 15,000 chips
4th - 8th place in your flight = 14,000 chips
9th - 16th place in your flight = 12,000 chips
17th - 25th place in your flight = 10,000 chips

If you finish in the TOP 25 in more than one of the flights, you will start the FINALS with the total number of chips earned!  For example: If you finish 2nd in flight #1 and 15th in flight #5 you will start the FINALS with 32,000 in chips!  There is no limit to how many chips you can earn to start the FINALS with, so if you are qualified more than once make sure you come out and earn your seats and extra starting chips for the FINALS!  This is just one way that we reward our LOYAL PLAYERS for continuing to support our venues and participate in our tournaments!


WINNER = $5,000 AND a $1,500 seat in WSOP!
2nd place = $300 AND a $1,000 seat in WSOP!
3rd place = $225.00!
4th place = $175.00!
5th place = $100.00!
6th place = $75.00!
7th place = $50.00!
8th place = $25.00 + $20.00 Gift Card!
9th place = $25.00 + $10.00 Gift Card!
10th place = $25.00! 

As you can see we are awarding OVER $8,500.00 worth of CASH & PRIZES at this special event!


If you are new to The Poker Pub family don't worry we will not leave you out in the cold. You can earn your way into the FINALS on December 3rd - 4th 2011, simply by being one of The TOP players at any of the Sandy Coor VFW Post 1433 Tuesday Night tournaments at 6:30 & 8:30PM between October 25th and November 29th. We may even do random splash pots! Starting chips will be awarded as follows:

1 Table  = 1st will receive 10k

2 Tables= 1st will receive 12k ~ 2nd will receive 5k

3 Tables= 1st will receive 15k ~ 2nd will receive 8k ~ 3rd will receive 5k

The more you WIN the more chips you will have for the FINALS. Not only will you be battling it out against Tucson players but players from Casa Grande and New Mexico, in this two day event

 We would like to thank ALL of our LOYAL VENUES and LOYAL PLAYERS for continuing to make The Poker Pub the PREMIERE FREE POKER LEAGUE in Arizona! Imitated by many ~ Equaled by none!

               GOOD LUCK to all of you at this special event and don't forget to ..."GO ALL IN!"