BPO Champion Caryn Bustos
CONGRATULATIONS to Caryn Bustos, the 2017 Bar Poker Open NATIONAL CHAMPION!!!!  Caryn played her way through 817 players to be crowned the Best Bar Poker Player in America!

In addition to the trophy and bragging rights, Caryn walked away with $40,407.00!!!!



The FINAL TABLE was televised on Twitch and YouTube with a 30 minute delay!
CLICK HERE or follow the link below to watch the FINAL TABLE:


Caryn played amazing poker, eliminating 5 of the 8 players at the final table!  She faced a huge chip deficit when they reached heads up play, however she whittled away at the monster stack until taking the chip lead.  On the final hand her A-7 offsuit held up against her opponents A-4 and the title of Best FREE Poker League in America belonged to The Poker Pub of Tucson!

Caryn Rail

Several loyal Poker Pub players were on hand to watch Caryn take down the title!  Her rail was by far the loudest and most supportive!  We are proud to call all of you our "Poker Family!"
Alicia Maloney Charles Nicolai Van Williams
Alicia Maloney, Charles Nicolai & Van Williams also cashed for over $550.00 each finishing in the TOP 20 in their flights!  Last year's Tournament Runner Up Phil Willmeth just missed the money finishing 2 spots from cashing in his flight!  36 Poker Pub Players from Arizona & New Mexico represented us well in Vegas!

The Bar Poker Open is a simple 2 step process: Step 1. WIN a token at one of our live venues (check the calendar page for BPO locations) Step 2. Play the online tournament on Sunday mornings and WIN YOUR SEAT in the 2018 BPO NATIONALS! First place in the Sunday online events receives a seat in the $100,000 GUARANTEED East Coast Championship at the Borgata in Atlantic City, a seat in the $200,000 GUARANTEED NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP at the Golden Nugget in Vegas and a trip to Vegas! 
Join us at your favorite venue and WIN YOUR SHARE OF $300,000 in CASH PRIZES!!!!

Join us at the Ghost Lounge in the San Carlos Hotel to meet the creators and producers of Dead Men the Series while playing Texas Hold’em. The San Carlos is a perfect setting for this event as the historic hotel once catered to Hollywood’s elite (like Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy, even Mae West)! The night’s poker champ wins a role in Season 1 of our show and there are cash prizes too. $25 donation

We are pleased to announce that The Poker Pub, Inc. has returned to West Phoenix! We will be bringing a lot of excitement along with GREAT PROMOTIONS including the chance to earn seats in the WSOP, our Semi-Annual events and The Poker Pub National Tournament of Champions! 

We are pleased to announce that Sandy Coor VFW Post 1433 has joined The Poker Pub of West Phoenix!  Sandy Coor VFW Post 1433 will be hosting sessions EVERY TUESDAY at 6:30 & 8:30PM starting on Oct 25th! This is a SMOKING venue!

Come out to Sandy Coor VFW Post 1433 EVERY TUESDAY and enjoy the GREAT DRINK SPECIALS while you play "NO ENTRY FEE ~ NO LIMIT TEXAS HOLD'EM" with The Poker Pub of West Phoenix!  May all your cards be live!

We are very excited to announce the flights for our exclusive Semi Annual Tournament!  This special event is our way of rewarding our loyal players with a chance to WIN CASH & MORE SEATS IN THE WORLD SERIES OF POKER!

Here is how it works: Due to the number of seats earned we will be hosting 15 flights starting on August 20th 2011.The TOP 25 players from each of these flights will be invited to participate in the FINALS on December 3rd - 4th 2011!  We will play each of the flights all the way down to a winner.  These flights will be deep stack tournaments with 10,000 in starting chips. Starting chips in the finals will be determined as follows:

1st place in your flight = 25,000 chips
2nd place in your flight = 20,000 chips
3rd place in your flight = 15,000 chips
4th - 8th place in your flight = 14,000 chips
9th - 16th place in your flight = 12,000 chips
17th - 25th place in your flight = 10,000 chips

If you finish in the TOP 25 in more than one of the flights, you will start the FINALS with the total number of chips earned!  For example: If you finish 2nd in flight #1 and 15th in flight #5 you will start the FINALS with 32,000 in chips!  There is no limit to how many chips you can earn to start the FINALS with, so if you are qualified more than once make sure you come out and earn your seats and extra starting chips for the FINALS!  This is just one way that we reward our LOYAL PLAYERS for continuing to support our venues and participate in our tournaments!


WINNER = $5,000 AND a $1,500 seat in WSOP!
2nd place = $300 AND a $1,000 seat in WSOP!
3rd place = $225.00!
4th place = $175.00!
5th place = $100.00!
6th place = $75.00!
7th place = $50.00!
8th place = $25.00 + $20.00 Gift Card!
9th place = $25.00 + $10.00 Gift Card!
10th place = $25.00! 

As you can see we are awarding OVER $8,500.00 worth of CASH & PRIZES at this special event!


If you are new to The Poker Pub family don't worry we will not leave you out in the cold. You can earn your way into the FINALS on December 3rd - 4th 2011, simply by being one of The TOP players at any of the Sandy Coor VFW Post 1433 Tuesday Night tournaments at 6:30 & 8:30PM between October 25th and November 29th. We may even do random splash pots! Starting chips will be awarded as follows:

1 Table  = 1st will receive 10k

2 Tables= 1st will receive 12k ~ 2nd will receive 5k

3 Tables= 1st will receive 15k ~ 2nd will receive 8k ~ 3rd will receive 5k

The more you WIN the more chips you will have for the FINALS. Not only will you be battling it out against Tucson players but players from Casa Grande and New Mexico, in this two day event

 We would like to thank ALL of our LOYAL VENUES and LOYAL PLAYERS for continuing to make The Poker Pub the PREMIERE FREE POKER LEAGUE in Arizona! Imitated by many ~ Equaled by none!

               GOOD LUCK to all of you at this special event and don't forget to ..."GO ALL IN!"

2010 Nationals
Leslie Quintano, David Wypychowski, Jeannette "Red" Charley & Bruce Momich

CONGRATULATIONS to the WINNERS of The Poker Pub 2010 National Tournament! 

This year's Nationals were held at Binion's in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas on June 15th.  From a field of 94 players from around the nation we crowned a champion when the final 4 players agreed to chop the prize pool!  The overwhelming chip leader was David Wypychowski from Phoenix, Arizona!  David had over 325,000 in chips!  Second place finisher Leslie Quintano from Tucson, Arizona had over 120,000 in chips while 3rd place finisher Bruce Momich also from Tucson had almost 70,000 in chips and 4th place finisher Jeannette "Red" Charley from Sierra Vista, Arizona had less than 50,000 in chips.  David walked away with $3,500.00 in CASH while the other 3 players each earned $500.00! 

We witnessed some amazing poker being played throughout the day with a fair share of bad beats!  We would like to congratulate EVERYONE that qualified and participated in this year's Nationals! 

We would like to thank Binion's for hosting a great tournament!  A special THANK YOU to all of our venues and all of our loyal players for helping make The Poker Pub the premiere free poker league in the nation!

The Poker Pub 2010 National Tournament Final Table Results:

Champion ~ David Wypychowski (Phoenix, Az) = $3,500.00
2nd place ~ Leslie Quintano (Tucson, Az) = $500.00
3rd place ~ Bruce Momich (Tucson, Az) = $500.00
4th place ~ Jeannette "Red" Charley (Sierra Vista, Az) = $500.00
5th place ~ Bob Murray (Sierra Vista, Az)
6th place ~ Glenn Davis (Sierra Vista, Az)
7th place ~ Tom Palomares (Tucson, Az)
8th place ~ Nick Davison (Tucson, Az)
9th place ~ Arthur Quintano (Tucson, Az)
10th place ~ Charlette Eastridge (Phoenix, Az)
The Bubble ~ Barb Porta (Tucson, Az) 

The final table was dominated by players from Arizona!  Several players from Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas came close to making the final table.  We can't wait to see who will win it next year!  Until then... See you at the tables and..."May all your cards be live!"

We will be having a meeting for all NATIONAL TOURNAMENT WINNERS who won a seat for the 2010 National Tournament Saturday May 15th, 12pm at Marc's.  This is a MANDATORY meeting for players who are planning on attending this years tournament.  If you are not able to attend the meeting on May 15th, we will have another meeting Saturday May 22, 11:30am at Pappy's.  If you are not able to attend one of these meetings, you will NOT be able to play in the National Tournament this year in Las Vegas.  If for some reason you can not make one of these MANDATORY meetings, please contact us via email at thepokerpubofphoenix.com.  Below is the list of players who qualified by contacted us by the cutoff date for this years tournament.

Charlette Eastridge,  Lorie Smith,  Jason Carter,  Celina Collicott,  Debbie Crum,  Janice Marion,  Greg Kurchanski,  Chuck Fredericks,  Ed Groskopf,  Roy Green,  Mike Valencia,  Bill Hecker,  Rene Murdie,  Jeff Meduna,  Rick Castenada,  Gabi Corona,  Lance Eastridge,  Thomas O'Connell,  David Wypychowski,  Andy Hoyt,  Lance Eastridge,  Mirza Selmic,  Bob Palm,  Ernie Dagnino, Juan Caldera,  Leroy Smith,  George Somershoe

The Poker Pub National Tournament will be held on June 15th in Las Vegas at The Sahara Hotel.  This is your chance to test your poker skills against other players from around the country.  The winner of The Poker Pub National Tournament will receive a $10,000 SEAT into the MAIN EVENT! 
If you weren't able to win your trip to Las Vegas, you can still come along for the fun.  We will be staying in Las Vegas for 3 nights and 4 days. This is a trip you won't want to miss.  If you would like to come along and cheer on your friends please contact us and book your trip and party with us in Las Vegas!! (contact us at thepokerpubofswmo@yahoo.com)! 
 The Las Vegas Sahara Hotel opened in 1952 and is known for featuring top performers over the years, including the original Rat Pack, Tina Turner, the Beatles, Johnny Carson, and Ann-Margret.  Fast forward to today, there is certainly no shortage of exceptional entertainment. An innovative roller coaster, SPEED, is launched from inside the NASCAR Café at the Sahara Resort Casino and accelerates to 70 miles per hour in 2 seconds. Utilizing electromagnetic force, SPEED accelerates to high speeds instantaneously, causing a G Force of 3.5!


At the NASCAR Cafe, the 35,000-square foot Las Vegas Cyber Speedway will fulfill your need for speed! Mounted on hydraulic bases, the Cyber Speedway cars provide a realistic simulated race car driving experience.

All players who have won seats must contact The Poker Pub of SWMO no later than Friday Feb. 22 to reserve their seat in The Poker Pub National Tournament.  Contact us @ thepokerpubofswmo@yahoo.com

The Poker Pub of SWMO will attempt to contact each winner at the email they provided on their winning certificates. If you have won a seat at a TOC and have a change in email, or phone number; you must notify The Poker Pub of SWMO of these changes.
The Poker Pub of SWMO is not liable for the loss of a trip/seat to any player who has not informed us of any changes in contact information or did not provide adequate information upon winning the tournament

The Poker Pub reserves the right to alter or cancel promotions at any time.

We at The Poker Pub would like to extend a big thank you to all that came out to play with us this year.
Fun was had by all and tons of prizes were given away!  We started the $500 monthly free roll, brought the excitement back along with bringing back nightly prizes and we are expecting even bigger and better things in the year to come.

We have come so far over the last four months and we would not be where we are without you! Please continue to share your thoughts and concerns with us as we move forward. Have a story to share? A comment or suggestion? Let's get stronger together!!


Thank you,

Zach and April

Tuesday at Il Primo will be DOUBLE STACK,  DOUBLE POINTS,DOUBLE QUALIFIER CARDS, AND DOUBLE THE FUN.  Everyone will start the game with $8000 in chips with the blinds starting at $100-$200. Everyone at the final table will receive double qualifier cards.  This will give you bonus chips at the TOC qualifiers.  You will also have the chance to climb the points ladder and increase your chip stack for the monthly $500 cash tournament.  Join us Tuesday at Il Primo for DOUBLE STACK, DOUBLE POINTS, DOUBLE QUALIFIER CARDS, AND DOUBLE THE FUN!!
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